An Ultimate Guide to ETL Developer Certifications

Date - October 26, 2022

An Ultimate Guide to ETL Developer Certifications
An ETL Developer has a software engineering background and experience in database development. The technical skills required for an ETL Developer is

  • Proficiency in working with any ETL tools like Informatica, Pentaho, SSIS, etc.
  • Experience in working on scripting languages Python, Bash, and Pearl.
  • Exposure to database engineering skills – SQL, NoSQL, Hadoop, etc.
  • Good knowledge of Hadoop components – Hive, Sqoop, Spark, HBase.


Oracle Certified Associate – Oracle9i Database Administrator (OCA)
You must thoroughly understand Oracle9i database processes, data recovery, optimization techniques, and management to earn Oracle9i database administrator certification.

Certifying Organization
Oracle Corporation

Senior ETL Developers, Data Warehouse developers, ETL leads, or Oracle developers can get this certificate.

InfoSphere DataStage v8.0 – IBM Certified Solution Developer

You should have prominent knowledge of how to professionally design and develop an effective and scalable DataStage solution to a complex enterprise business problem.

Certifying Organization

IBM Corporation

Senior ETL Developers, ETL leads, or DataStage developers can get this certificate.

Teradata 14 Certified Master

A Teradata 14 certified master will have the necessary knowledge and skills to be a technical authority for designing, implementing, and managing a Teradata enterprise-wide data warehouse. Being certified in Teradata adds value to your career and provides instant credibility.

Certified Data Management Professional – Data Management (CDP-DM)

Professionals who score above 50% will get CDMP Practitioner certification, and those who score above 70% will get Mastery Certification.

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