How to become a DevSecOps engineer

Date - January 23, 2023

How to become a DevSecOps engineer?

The DevSecOps Engineer requires a broad set of skills, technical skills of IT security professionals, and knowledge of DevOps methods. They should also have excellent knowledge of the latest cybersecurity threats and trends.


Critical skills for DevSecOps Engineer

Programming Skills: DevSecOps engineers should have an excellent understanding of Ruby, Python, Bash, Perl, PHP, and Java. To replace manual tasks, DevOps engineers should have good coding abilities.

Configuration of management tools: DevOps Engineers should know how to utilize programmed configuration tools like       Chef, Puppet, CloudBees, CyberArk, Threat Modeler, Cyberplanner, etc.

Networking skills: DevOps Security engineers should be aware of the complexities due to risk assessment and update their skills on cybersecurity threats and the latest trends.

Cloud-based platforms:  DevSecOps Engineer should have experience with cloud-based services like AWS, AWS VMs, VMware etc.

Automation Skills: As a DevSecOps engineer, you will be accountable for creating a fully automated product that starts with code deployment and releases the software to production.

A good understanding of the CI/CD approach encourages DevOps to deliver a high-quality product at a faster rate to clients. Some of the popular Continuous Deployment tools Jenkins, Azure DevOps, Spinnaker and Travis. CircleCI , and GitLab


Essential Certifications for DevSecOps professional

DevSecOps Foundation Certification Training (DSOF)

DevOps Leader Certification Training

Certified DevSecOps Professional (CDP)

Certified DevSecOps Expert (CDE)

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