The Use of Data Analytics in Recruitment

Date - August 20, 2022

The Use of Data Analytics in Recruitment

Recruiters who utilise big data and analytics in their hiring process will find the most success in their recruitment work.

This shift from traditional hiring to using data analytics is something that every recruiting team should consider and learn to adapt to. Additionally, recruitment analytics play a key role in addressing challenges such as finding the best fit for the role, saving recruiters time, building more diverse teams, measuring employee’s outcomes, etc. Let us discuss how data analytics improves the recruitment process.

Talent acquisition teams that use mature analytics are twice as likely to improve their recruiting efforts.
Source: LinkedIn

Evaluating Candidates
Recruiters can use data analytics to evaluate new candidates. By identifying the technical and soft skills of your company’s top performers, you can determine the right skillset that is essential for a new employee. This simplifies the process of benchmarking candidates and makes it easier to find quality candidates.

Improving Candidate Sourcing
You can discern the most advantageous job board platform for your needs by studying applicants from different job boards. By doing this, you will avoid time-wasting job boards that will not provide you with the right qualified candidate.

Identifying Gaps for Better Diversity
HR or Data analytics helps to monitor diversity gaps in the team and enable the employers to make better hiring decisions. Recruiters can use data-driven results to identify potential candidates’ skills instead of hiring based on biases.

Interpreting Future Forecasts
Data analytics helps recruiters to plan and anticipate talent and skill gaps, as well as to estimate the future recruiting budget, cost per hire, time-to-hire, and other metrics.

Uncover Skill Gaps
In order to expand your workforce, you need to identify areas where your employees lack skills and provide training accordingly. Data analytics can help you identify these areas of weakness and design effective training programmes for your employees.

Reduces Attrition Rate
Data Analytics plays a vital role in understanding the reasons behind employee attrition, which is essential for a company’s success. This is done by analysing data to get more insights into the reasons behind attrition through employee surveys.

Data Analytics is also key to predicting hiring needs, attracting candidates, and successfully reducing employee attrition rates.

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