Top 3 Job Search Challenges and how do you overcome them?

Date - April 8, 2022

Top 3 Job Search Challenges and how do you overcome them?
About 58% of job seekers report their job search lasted two months or less. There are plenty of challenges in the job search process, and let’s see the roadblocks and how you can make it to another side of the search successful. Here are the top 3 job search challenges and how we deal with them.

Challenge 1: No response to an application
98% of Fortune 500 companies use an ATS tool to screen the candidates for open positions. An estimated 75% of resumes are rejected by an ATS even before you appear for an initial round of interviews.

Few tips to know to write an ATS friendly resume

    • Get the right keywords and place them in the resume
    • Use relevant job titles
    • Try avoiding skillsets graphics or images as the bot might not read visuals
    • Ensure to keep contact information at the top of your resume
    • Use simple formatting
    • Ensure to use the correct format as mentioned in the job posting

Challenge 2: You don’t have a network
If you do not have a professional network or know someone in the organization to which you have applied, it will become a tedious process to proceed further with your resume.

The solution:
The appropriate social media usage can reach you to a broader audience and update your LinkedIn profile. In addition, connecting with industry professionals across the world will help you expand your network.

    • Update your headline and summary with industry-specific keywords. These keywords must be placed strategically throughout the profile, including your current role, experience, and projects worked.
    • Get LinkedIn certified in specific skills (Take Skill quiz like WordPress, Google Analytics, etc.)
    • In summary, the list adds your skills and accomplishments.
    • Add personalized notes when you interact with peer groups.
    • Receiving recommendations from industry experts or colleagues would be an added advantage as the other people know your contributions and accomplishments, significantly boosting your profile.

There are other LinkedIn new features video intro, creator mode, etc. Once you toggle on creator mode, you will be able to provide five hashtags relevant to the topics you want to follow on LinkedIn.

Challenge 3: Employment Gaps and Career changes
Though there is nothing wrong with having a career gap, at times, it could be one of the most significant challenges in searching for a job. The reasons for career changes or the employment gaps are innumerable. It could be personal, or looking for better opportunities

The solution:
Be honest. Emphasize the skills you have learned during this period or how you have prepared yourself to give a comeback to the industry. You can list your accomplishments in the past by referring to the situations where you took specific actions to generate the desired outcome and how your firm benefitted from it.

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