Ultimate Guide to getting a job in Salesforce

Date - June 27, 2022

Why is a Salesforce career so beneficial?


Leading Technology

Salesforce being the world’s leading CRM platform has seen extensive growth and is expected to create 3.3 million new jobs by the end of 2022. Salesforce caters to different sectors and helps in analysing the data, following leads, and managing customers.


High Earning Potential

Technologies like Salesforce is preferred by most companies since its suitable for large and small enterprise. If you can help customers navigate the system and ensure it runs smoothly, then sure you will be compensated well. As per zippia, the average Salesforce Developer salary is $97,000 per year, or $47.08 per hour, in the United States. When it comes to freelancing too Salesforce pays a pretty much high salary that ranges between $70 to $155 per hour on average.


Training and Learning Opportunities

The community and support for Salesforce are huge where one can learn the technology with minimal knowledge in HTML, SQL, Java, or C#. Trailhead is the best platform to kickstart your salesforce career irrespective of the background you hail. Certifications and badges that you earn can take you to the next level in your Salesforce career.


Diverse Career Options to Choose

Salesforce offers diverse career options based on your skill set and experience.

  • Salesforce Administrator: Salesforce Administrator should possess technical knowledge, business analysis, end-user training, reporting, process automation, system maintenance, and user set-up. The average Salesforce Administrator makes $80,984 in the United States.


  • Salesforce Developer: Salesforce Developer should know fundamental object-oriented programming concepts, C#, JavaScript, Data management, modeling, Developer console, Web services, SQL, Salesforce Object Query Language, jQuery, AngularJS, and Bootstrap. The average Salesforce Developer makes $97,000 in the United States.


  • Salesforce Consultant: Salesforce Consultant manage the client relationship, manage project plans, change management, manages a team of technical staff, proposes technical requirements, etc. There are currently 39,062 job openings and the average salary of a Salesforce consultant is $76,350.


  • Salesforce Architect: They will be acting as an effective mentor to other Salesforce professionals. They design skyscrapers for enterprises, provide guidance on user story writing style, and design a solution architecture to a business problem. An average salary of a Salesforce Architect sums up to $111,000 yearly.


Salesforce Marketer: Salesforce marketers will work on audience building and segmentation, social media engagement, creating a customer persona, email marketing, automation, data management, etc. The total pay average of Salesforce Marketer sums up to $107,047




  1. Start training on Trailhead

Trailhead is a collection of modules that are like lessons with the quiz or hands-on exercises you can take up. Most modules on Trailhead are designed with actual live functionality to get hands-on experience.


  1. Utilize the community

Try using Twitter and follow Salesforce experts and learn from experienced professionals to learn the concepts of Salesforce. Use Slack group to get connected with different people to learn more about Salesforce.

Wizard of OpsSalesforce Discord CommunityB2C Commercial Cloud Unofficial


  1. Get Certified in Salesforce


Certifications for Salesforce Administrator

Advanced Administrator

CPQ Specialist

Marketing Cloud Administrator

Platform App Builder


Certifications for Salesforce Consultant

Sales Cloud Consultant

Service Cloud Consultant

Experience Cloud Consultant


Certifications for Salesforce Developer

Salesforce Certified Commerce Cloud Digital Developer

Salesforce Certified Platform Developer


Certifications for Architect

Salesforce Certified Architecture Designers

Salesforce System Architect

Salesforce Certified Technical Architect


  1. 3i People Salesforce Jobs

Register at 3i People careers to learn more about Salesforce jobs available at 3i People.3i People, Inc is a Global Information Technology firm that provides talent solutions to the leading employers in Atlanta, Georgia. The main objective of 3i People is to offer a great candidate experience to all the job seekers by keeping them posted on the right job requirement and communicating with the candidates on regular basis throughout the hiring cycle.

Any investment made in Salesforce will be beneficial for an employee as they move forward in their career. Enrol for Salesforce certification and get your dream job now.

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