Upskilling and Reskilling for the Future of Work

Date - January 23, 2023

Business leaders says that skill building is the best way to close the skill gap currently prevalent in the labor market.

60% of CEOs say a strong upskilling program positively impacts their company culture
41% of employers are set to focus on reskilling programs on high-performing employees.
93% of Millennial and Gen Z workers expect employers to provide learning opportunities

More than six out of ten employers expect a return on investment from upskilling and reskilling within a year.

14% of the global workforce will have to switch occupations or learn new skills by 2030 due to artificial intelligence and automation

Average Workforce Reskilling Needed by Industry
Information Technology – 50%
Professional Services – 50%
Automotive, Supply Chain and Logistics – 55%
Healthcare – 59%

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