Ultimate Guide to getting a job in Salesforce

Why is a Salesforce career so beneficial?   Leading Technology Salesforce being the world’s leading CRM platform has seen extensive growth and is expected to create 3.3 million new jobs by the end of 2022. Salesforce caters to different sectors and helps in analysing the data, following leads, and managing customers.   High Earning Potential […]

Metaverse combines virtual reality, augmented reality, and video technology

Metaverse combines virtual reality, augmented reality, and video technology where users live in a digital universe. Metaverse is a computer-generated 3D world where users can interact with other people and objects. PURPOSE OF METAVERSE Today, the Internet is to share information through social media, email, chatrooms, blogs, videos, etc., in a 2D environment. Though everything […]

Top skills for a Python Developer

Python language is one of the easy languages to learn used extensively in website development, automation, data analysis, and data visualization.   CORE PYTHON The fundamental concepts such as Object-Oriented Programming, File handling, Exception handling, Variables, Data Types, and Data Structures should be well known to the professionals who would like to learn python language […]

Top 3 Job Search Challenges and how do you overcome them?

Top 3 Job Search Challenges and how do you overcome them? About 58% of job seekers report their job search lasted two months or less. There are plenty of challenges in the job search process, and let’s see the roadblocks and how you can make it to another side of the search successful. Here are the […]

Top 20 Interview Questions for Business Analyst

Top 20 Interview Questions for Business Analyst Are you applying for a Business Analyst role? Before going for an interview, it’s best to prepare the possible questions likely to come up.   1. What are some common documents that a business analyst uses to handle? Some of the common documents are User Stories Business Analysis […]

Cybersecurity Experts Roundup Table

Cybersecurity Experts Roundup Table There are over 14,796 Cyber Security Analysts currently employed in the United States. (Source: Zippia) It is also believed Cybersecurity professionals are more likely to work in public sector than the private firms. The need of Cybersecurity professionals is in high demand, but at the same time there is a shortage of skills […]

How AI can be implemented in Hiring Strategy

Modern technologies are constantly evolving, and artificial intelligence (AI) is no exception. AI technology has come a long way since its inception. It is now widely used in various industries such as Retail, E-commerce, Manufacturing, Automotive and continues to exceed customer expectations with frequent updates. Similarly, AI technology is used in the recruitment industry to […]

Top 5 Podcasts for Hiring Managers to listen

What is a Podcast? A Podcast is a growing entertainment channel with a series of audio episodes focused on a particular topic or theme, like marketing, recruiting, start-ups, etc. You can subscribe to your favorite podcast show using the app on your mobile and listen to episodes. Nearly Six in Ten of all US consumers […]

The Crucial Role of Internships

An internship is a crucial part of one’s professional development. It is a platform that budding professionals use to test and hone their skillset. An internship is more than just learning about your chosen career, or getting those coveted credit points. It’s a journey of self-discovery that can have repercussions throughout your career. It’s a […]

Impact Of Social Media On The Recruitment Process

Social media has a significant impact on today’s recruiting. As society has become more media-dominated, apps such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are where most of today’s recruitment occurs. According to a white paper by iCIMS, putting up a job on social media can increase candidate applications by 30% to 50%. Studies have shown that […]